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Science III

17 Questions

Questions about biology

  • What is NOT one of the main principles of biology?
  • Who was the first scientist to observe insects, sometimes referred to as the "mother of biology"?
  • Which one of these is not a characteristic of fungus?
  • Who is credited with providing the foundation for the study of genetics, or inheritance?
  • Who invented the microscope?
  • What is the binomial term for humans?
  • Who discovered cells?
  • How many parts does a plant have?
  • What is the widely accepted method of taxonomy among biologists?
  • What is the very basic definition of biology, derived from the Greek bios + logos?
  • Who came up with the theory of natural selection, other than Charles Darwin?
  • What is a DNA molecule made of?
  • What is a vertebrate?
  • What is the basic unit of life?
  • From whom or where did biology as a field of study originate?
  • How many systems does the human organism have?
  • Who discovered homeostasis?