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Science I

13 Questions

Chemistry, Zoology and a little bit of Biology

  • Gold's symbol on the periodic table of elements, Au, takes its name from what?
  • Charles Darwin's book 'The Descent of Man' is a study of what?
  • The volume percentage of red blood cells in blood is called what?
  • Erta Ale, Ethiopia is home to which of the following phenomena?
  • What law states that the amount of heat needed to change one substance to another depends on the substances and not on the reactions involved?
  • The order Lagomorpha is a classification that includes which common animal?
  • What type of charge does a neutron carry?
  • Which Saturn moon has a methane cycle, differentiating it from the other moons of the planet?
  • An acoustic guitar typically creates sound when the musician does what?
  • The penny is mostly comprised of which of the following metals?
  • The AMC show Breaking Bad's finale was called 'Felina', an anagram for the base chemicals used in synthetic methamphetamine. What are those elements?
  • The Nobel Prize is named after Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel. What is he best known for patenting?
  • Matter that does not enter chemical reactions is described as what?