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15 Questions

From the voice of Siri to the first home video game system, each question is a random tidbit of tech history that may become obsolete as quickly as it's revealed. You'll learn about the origins of PDFs, the creation of Ruby on Rails, and the demise of a popular music sharing app founded by Sean Parker. With plenty of Apple-centric questions thrown in, this set is a must for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and pop culture.

  • Who is the voice of Siri?
  • The iPod takes its design from which of the following?
  • Bill Gates paid the Rolling Stones $3 million for the rights to which song in their Windows 95 advertisements?
  • Ruby on Rails was created by who?
  • A Mimeograph machine does what?
  • Who was the first artist to have a posthumous tour featuring their likeness as a hologram?
  • If you wanted to store your personal Bitcoin you'd use what?
  • What was not an acquisition by Meta (Facebook)?
  • What was the first home video game system?
  • What was the first internet browser ever created?
  • When was the Internet first used?
  • What was not a product killed by Google?
  • A common file type to share documents, PDF stands for what?
  • Founded by Sean Parker what the popular music sharing application shutdown in 2001?
  • First released in 2014, what is the name of Apple's bespoke programming language?