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World History

20 Questions

Questions about global events from the 19th-21st centuries

  • Why was Nelson Mandela sentenced to prison for life in 1964?
  • When was the independent Republic of Kenya formed?
  • What did not lead to the 2015 financial collapse of Greece?
  • Which Chinese dynasty built the most famous section of the Great Wall, in the 14-17th centuries?
  • Columbian Pablo Escobar was known for what?
  • What was the magnitude of India's largest earthquake and where did it happen?
  • In what year did Korea split into North and South?
  • When did Israel invade Lebanon over a claim about Palestine Liberation Organization fighters, starting a war?
  • In 1947, who was declared India's leader in independence?
  • At which job did Mao Tse-Tsung encounter his biggest influences in the CCP, right before the May Fourth Movement?
  • When did Mikhail Gorbachev become president of the USSR?
  • Which countries have NOT been in dispute over the Sea of Japan?
  • Who drew up plans for an invasion of Cuba while living in the US in 1894?
  • Which country founded the oldest city in the United States?
  • The Aberfam disaster happened where, and killed mostly whom?
  • Who was the first woman to become Prime Minister of the UK?
  • Who was the first woman to become Prime Minister of Germany?
  • Who was the first (and only thus far) woman to become Prime Minister of France?
  • Which document was the impetus for allowing the US to govern its interests in Latin America, thus leading to the Banana Wars?
  • At least how many, from which ethnic group, were killed during the 100-day Rwandan genocide?