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17 Questions

For when things on Earth are too heavy

  • Pluto lost its classification of a planet in 2006 because it failed to meet what criteria?
  • The first NASA mission to Mars had its payload fail to separate. Launched November 5th, 1964 what was it called?
  • The first successful Mars mission from the United States was what kind of operation?
  • The planet Venus is further from the Sun than the planet Mercury but its mean temperature is almost twice as hot, which is the result of what?
  • The Apollo space program is named after the Greek god of what?
  • Jupiter's Great Red Spot is actually what?
  • One day on the planet Saturn is equal to what amount of time on Earth?
  • The Hubble Telescope launched in 1990, is credited for a great many things. One of its major accomplishment's is what?
  • The horrific disintegration of the Challenger shuttle in 1986 was caused by what?
  • The rings of Saturn were discovered by humankind in what year?
  • Sometimes called the 10th planet, what is the name of the planet sized object past Pluto?
  • The Opportunity rover landed on Mars on January 24th, 2004. What part of Mars did it land on?
  • The Soviet Union sent cosmonauts to space, the People's Republic of China sent what to space?
  • The Earth's atmosphere is comprised of three layers, what's not one of them?
  • A meteoroid becomes a meteorite when what happens?
  • What's the closest star to the Sun?
  • The first woman to pilot the Space Shuttle was who?