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Modern British History

14 Questions

  • The murder of Milly Dowler helped expose the News of the World hacking because of what?
  • The Falklands War was caused by the invasion of what country into the occupied Falkland Islands?
  • The European Union was established by what?
  • Who was the first woman seated in the House of Lords?
  • Opened in 1923, Wembley Stadium was originally known as what?
  • What was the cause of James Callaghan's "Winter of Discontent"?
  • Before becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May served as what?
  • Where are the Crown Jewels currently held?
  • Who founded the NHS?
  • An attempt on the life of Margaret Thatcher happened in 1984, where?
  • On 16 September 1992, the British government withdrew the pound sterling from the ERM and became known as what?
  • Princess Diana's title was what?
  • Which is not held in the Palace of Westminster?
  • During the 1980s Princess Dianna was known for her notable work with which group?