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The most random sports questions

  • Which figure skater was appointed to be the US ambassador to Belize?
  • A pentathlon is compromised of how many games?
  • Before being coined as the "Phillies" in 1883, the baseball team from Philadelphia was known as what?
  • Who is the current holder of the FIFA World Cup?
  • The beloved Seattle Supersonics relocated and became known as what team?
  • Which of the following was not one of the original football team franchises in 1920?
  • In the game of cricket, the bowler is responsible for what?
  • The NFL is divided into which 2 conferences?
  • In spring of 1997, ESPN-2 broadcast the World Championships of which game for the first time?
  • Modern golf originated in the 15th century in what country?
  • The late Bill Russell started intercity basketball programs as a response to who's death?
  • In a game of tennis what is the call for zero points?