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Modern US History III

15 Questions

Ford, Carter and WWII

  • The Postal Reorganization Act led to the US Postal Service becoming an independent agency in what year?
  • Apart from Richard Nixon, President Ford notably granted amnesty to who?
  • Who was the first President of the United States to have had a divorce?
  • President Truman did not seek a third term in office in 1952 due to what?
  • The Korean Armistice Agreement was signed in what city?
  • The US entered into a military conflict with North Korea at the behest of what ally?
  • Before becoming Richard Nixon's Vice President, Gerald Ford worked in what role?
  • What was the first major engagement involving the United States in the Korean War?
  • Hostages were taken at the US Embassy in Iran after which event?
  • On March 28, 1979 a radiation leak occurred at Three Mile Island impacting which city in Pennsylvania?
  • The Interstate Highway System began construction as the result of what bill being passed?
  • During his 1975 State of the Union address President Ford referenced a State of the Union conducted by President Truman, given in what year?
  • In 1978, President Carter hosted the Camp David Accords to bring together which two parties?
  • Jimmy Carters bid for re-election 1980 was hindered by a challenge from his own party by which candidate?
  • The USS Arizona Memorial is currently located in what city?