A trivia game that tries to prove 80% of the classes you took in high school weren’t a complete waste of time. Test your knowledge and see how Charlie satiates their boredom.

In 2 minutes see how many questions you can get right. Answer a question as many times as you like, it only costs you time.

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The order Lagomorpha is a classification that includes which common animal?

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Answer as many trivia questions as you can within the 2 minute time-limit. If you get a question wrong, you can move on but you can’t go back. You can guess as many times as you’d like, it only costs you time.

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  • 125


  • 250


  • 500


  • 1000


There's also a bonus for completing each deck before the time runs outs.

More & More Questions Being Added Every Time I’m Bored in a Meeting

Literally hundreds of questions to choose from about Science, History, Technology and anything else that I knew off the top of my head and hastily googled to confirm

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Got a suggestion for a topic of a deck you want to see?

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